REBO Round 5 – Bread

This challenge was our bakers last change to impress the judges, and impress the judges they did! A high scoring week for everyone who entered, but the winner was Caroline with an impressive 19.5 out of 20! She received bread week’s bonus point. The judges described Caroline’s bread as “mmmmmmmm” and “a nice crust…it looks braw”. Dave couldn’t get enough of the bread, and wanted to eat more and more!

Calum baked a delicious wholemeal loaf – wholemeal flour can be notoriously difficult to bake with, and our judges were highly impressed with the entry, confirming it looked good, with an even crumb just needing a tiny bit more salt.

Sue’s foccacia scored highly on appearance, and smelt amazing, a couple of technical faults left her with 14/20, but great feedback overall.


Entrant Appearance Flavour Texture Innovation Bonus Total
Caroline 5 5 4 4.5 1 19.5
Calum 3.5 4.5 3.5 4   15.5
Sue 3 3 4 4   14


This was the last week of the rounds, and next moth The Puffer will host the final of The Ridiculous Easdale Bake Off. There are 4 spaces in the final, and the competitor’s top 4 scores will be accumulated to determine their place in the final. The finalists are:

Entrant Round One Round two Round Three Round four Round Five Running Total
Caroline 18 18.5 17   19.5 73
Sue   19.5 16.5 12 14 62
Calum 13 13 16.5 0 15.5 58
Duncan 8 12 10.5 6 0 36.5


The final date is 25th of March, competitors will be notified individually of the challenge which will be an amalgamation of a technical challenge and a show stopper. We will specify which technical baking challenge has to be included, but expect the bakers to show off their skills using as many techniques as they can to create one show stopping bake.

Interesting Facts:

Caroline has one the most bonus points

Duncan and Caroline’s top area scores are in appearance

Sue and Callum’s top area scores are in Flavour

Sue has been the most consistent scorer – floating between 17 and 18.5 out of 20

Round 2 – Cake saw the highest scores


The Puffer Cup (Darts)

Dart’s is a popular game played in The Puffer’s Bar, we’ve 2 teams in the local league and host an annual competition – The Puffer Cup.

It keeps us busy in the winter months, and we love hosting our friends in other teams every Friday night in the bar. Des is a top player – we’re hoping this year he will bring the Puffer Cup home to The Puffer again this year.

On the 9th of March the challenge will commence, we’ve got room for 32 competitors, and it will be a knock out competition.  There are a few local rivalries between friends, and a few good players who will challenge last year’s winner (Des) for the cup this year.

Starting at 6:30 sharp, the bar will be open, and we will provide players with some delicious home cooked sustenance half way through.  Register with Keren or Des either in The Puffer, or via Facebook, for your place, and chance to win The Puffer Cup.

22494843_10155630761600821_787781262_oSo come and join us, if you’re playing, watching, cheering on someone! See who can score the highest check out, the most 180’s and who will take home the title!

Seafood Buffets 2018

Our ever popular seafood buffets are back for 2018. This is an all you can eat buffet showcasing locally caught lobster, langoustine, crab, smoked salmon, scallops and more alongside salads. Also included is a homemade dessert.

Booking is essential for these events as they fill up quickly. Please call us on 01852 300 022 to reserve your space now.*

Saturday 31st March

Saturday 7th April

Saturday 5th May

Saturday 26th May

Saturday 4th August

Saturday 22nd September (Stone Skimming Weekend)

*Price is £32.50 per person, a £10 deposit is required per person (72 hour cancellation will see a full refund) unfortunately last year saw us with so many no shows, seats that we could have filled with genuine customers we are enforcing the deposit scheme.

A meat or vegetarian option is available, this is a 3 course dinner with no options, and limited numbers are available. £27.50pp

Burns Night at The Puffer

We would like to extend a thank you to all who joined us for this years burns supper in The Puffer. It is great to welcome friends to this event to celebrate together.

Des ‘rustled up’ a delicious 3 course meal showcasing the best Scottish foods – no prizes for guessing the main dish of haggis, neeps and tatties! Served with a homemade whisky sauce and crispy leeks. These ordinary ingredients were turned into a wonderful dish.


The added extras of Keren’s homemade tablet to enjoy with our Argyll roasted fresh ground coffee add to the experience.

Thank you to our speakers of the evening who provided both entertainment and a reminder of why we celebrate burns night.


Reusable Cups


Reuse and Recycle

This is a big theme for this year, many new years resolutions were to reduce plastic waste, and make a smaller impact on our environment. Its top of our list too, we want to maintain the beautiful conservation area we live in. We already recycle everything we can – although logistically this isn’t easy we are committed to it! We compost as much as possible too, including offering takeaway food and drinks in compostable paper containers. This year we are introducing even more changes.

We now use biodegradable straws, and will be offering you 25p off a takeaway drink when you bring your own cup/mug/flask for us to fill. We feel it’s more important than ever to do our bit and help encourage others to do the same.

We (as often as possible) buy still and sparkling water in glass bottles, and offer you tap water for free, we’re also happy to refill your bottles from the tap for free. Lots of people are bringing reusable straws out with them too, you can get some great bamboo or stainless steel ones – if you bring along a straw just let us know and we won’t have to give you one!

We look forward to seeing you and your reusable cups soon!


January Blues #rebo

Perhaps our REBO entrants were all experiencing the January blues this month, and we have our lowest scores yet! Pastry has proved the hardest week yet! With 2 of our key entrants not entering this week (as allowed in our initial set of rules) we only had 3 pies to taste. The judges were less than impressed!

Although there were no soggy bottoms, there were also no high scores, and no outstanding tastes! The highest scores this month were given to appearance.

Sue, this weeks bonus point winner, baked mini mince pies, very pretty to look at – the pastry being described as good.

Duncan made us an Apple and Shallot Sea Herb Tart which was described as “quite interesting to look at, but it could be a disaster” unfortunately the pastry crumbled and fell apart.

Caroline – so far our highest scoring entrant entered a sweet and salty tart tatin, and with no outstanding comments this tart was not one that would impress our judges either!

Although not a strong week for our entrants we extend out thanks for entering anyway, and as a result have encouraged Davey Cakes to bake us a cake for the final week too – the tables will then be turned when the entrants can judge the judge!

Next month – 18th Feb  – is bread week.

Entrant Appearance Flavour Texture Innovation Bonus Total
Sue 3.5 3.5 2 2 1 12
Caroline 3.5 2 2.5 2   10
Duncan 3 1 1 1   6




We’ve been closed for nearly 2 weeks now, and not getting much rest! Its been renovation time. We always repaint and refresh at this time of year, but 2018 has taken us to a whole new level! We’ve ripped out carpets, cushions, covered panelling and changed a key features in the bar too!

We have taken advantage of local islanders with great skills, Keren, Alex and Jan and have been busy every day to create a whole new bar and seating area. Don’t worry, its still the cosy and unique bar you remember and love – but its now a bit more stylish, and coherent. We have stuck with the theme of red and black puffer, and taken it to the next level – ask Alex how many rivets he has used!!!

We are really proud of how it’s looking, and hope you like it too!

We look forward to seeing you, and hearing what you think of the new bar area!

Our current opening hours are:

Tearoom and Bar Thursday-Monday 11-3 (Bar opens 12:30 on Sunday)

Bar Opens 7:30pm Monday, Thursday 6pm Friday and Saturday

Restaurant – Bookings only, Friday and Saturday – 01852 300 022

CLOSED Tuesday and Wednesday

Laura Ballantyne

The Puffer Food Company


Tel 01852 300 022

Twitter @PufferFoodCo


Instagram PufferFoodCompany

REBO Round 3 – Results

We had 4 fantastic entrants for the Christmas treat category – and the top 3 had only .5 of a point between them. We had yule logs, Christmas pies, Brownies and even a Christmas Jobby!


This round we had 2 guest judges – unfortunately Desmondo Kripling was unwell, so Maggie and Al stepped in (happily) to help Berry Bramble and Davey Cakes with the scoring. The judges were impressed with the appearance of all the entrants, and had good comments for all.

Only one participant received 5/5 for any category, and that was Calum – he got 5/5 for both flavour and texture, Davey Cakes comented ‘ I don’t even like brownies but I like that’

Sue’s Festive Pies were declared ‘just perfect for vegetarians’

Carolines Christmas Robin on a Jobby was hailed (with raised eyebrows) as ‘very chocolaty – mmmm good’

And although Duncans Yule Log was given a 4/5 for innovation the flavour was too subtle for Berry and Davey Cakes.


Entrant Apperance Flavour Texture Innovation Bonus  Total
Caroline 3.5 4.5 4 4 1 17
Sue 4.5 4 4 4 16.5
Calum 3.5 5 5 3 16.5
Duncan 3 1.5 2 4 10.5


We Go Mexican!

Those lucky enough to get a seat at our Mexican Three Course meal last night (it sold out in record time) were treated to a Christmas free treat! Let’s face it as much as we love the turkey, and cheese feasts over the Christmas period it is nice to have a few different flavours thrown in too.

Our guests were treated to three courses of fresh authentic Mexican food.

Starting with either beef or bean chilli topped nachos with home made guacamole, or tequila dressed crab.

Followed by a choice of seafood gumbo, chicken quesadilla or roasted pepper burrito.

Finishing with margarita jelly, or churros with hot chocolate sauce.

We were delighted with the food, as were the diners for the evening. We’re lucky to be able to incorporate

locally sourced ingredients into our ever changing menus.

Top Tips for your preserves

Top 10 Tips from our masters when making jams & chutneys

Here are top tips that we have learnt along the way – we now make a fair bit of delicious chutney and jam, so we thought it only fair to share some of our learnings…

1. Don’t forget chutneys thicken while cooling

Once you’ve stopped the cooking process, and jarred the chutney it will continue to thicken and set, so don’t over cook it.

2. Sterilise all equipment and jars

3. Use your judgement

If a recipe says to cook for 3 hours, but you think it needs less or more time – give it a go! It’s the best way to learn!

4. Use the freshest produce you can

You’ll really taste the difference!

5. Use a large open necked pan

This helps so much with evaporation a vital part of the cooking process

6. Try different vinegars

They will all give a slightly different taste, cider and white wine vinegars can provide a more mellow taste.

7. Invest in a large, long handled spoon

This will stop you from getting any hot splashes on your hands, and ensure you reach the bottom of the pan.


9. Keep a few plates in the freezer to use for jam setting point

10. Buy yourself a tea/spice strainer for infusing spices into chutneys or jams

But most of all, just have fun! Experiment with your favourite flavours and tastes, and take inspiration from trying lots too!