Ocean Clean up Day.

Today, and band of merry island lovers, residents and friends took to the shores of Easdale to gather rubbish.
Living and working by the ocean has given us a new understanding of why it is SO important to clean up our oceans and help the world change its ways for the future. We were inspired by the campaign run by Ocean Conservancy, it was our pleasure to gather people together to clean up our own shore line.
Doing this as a group was so much easier, good chat and company kept us all going even though the wind was cold, and the rain was threatening! A good cup of tea and a cake was waiting for us in The Puffer Bar and Restaurant too.


Unfortunately a lot of the rubbish we found was fishing waste, empty cartridges from shooting, and bottle tops, but we don’t know how old any of this waste was, or indeed how far it has travelled in the sea. We pride ourselves on working with our suppliers, fishermen and game keepers and we know they love and respect the ocean just like us, in the same way that we ensure all our own recyclables are taken off the island, and we’ve reduced our use of single use plastics where possible.

It’s clear to us that the wonderful seafood that we are able to prepare in The Puffer will just not be wonderful if we don’t look after the ocean. Check out Surfers Against Sewage for more information, or to organise your own #beachcleanup


We would like to extend a big, warm thank you to everyone who came to help us, and we intend to do this regularly because every little helps.
“A drop in the ocean perhaps, but the ocean is made up of drops”


Why Local?

Why do we support local?

Local food producers, local drinks producers and local craft persons. More than one reason:

Flavour, the flavour of all our local food is noticeably better, fresher and there is more of it! It’s just delicious.

Seasonality, it gives us not only variety but a better taste. We are able to use the freshest produce which gives us a better flavour! It promotes variety, which promotes creativity in the dishes we serve.

More nutrients! This is because its travels a smaller distance, for a shorter time, so it looses less nutrients!

Reinvesting in our local community helps it to flourish, grow, develop and the more we work together the more valuable the community can become.

We know the effort that has gone into producing something, the care, the attention and the love. It’s what we put into our own business, and its important to us. We are all real people, with a genuine passion for where we live and what we do. Using products that have been made, grown, produced with care does mean a better product.

It’s a cliché to say that when you buy from a small producer/supplier they do a happy dance, but it is true. When you support someone who is doing what they love it is good for so many people. Spread the joy – support local, thank you for supporting us and our producers, suppliers and makers.


Seafood. Sustainability

Seafood, it’s something we are pretty proud of at The Puffer. We are so lucky to be surrounded (literally, Easdale is only a mile round!) by The Atlantic Ocean, which gives us rich pickings for a variety of fresh fish and shellfish. It is so important to us that this continues, so we make sure we know our fishermen, and know the way they fish. We support sustainable methods only.

The scallops you find on our menu are hand dived, the lobster and crab are caught by small fishing boats who know these waters through generations, know how to protect the waters, and value their responsibilities. Therefore it’s just as important for us to look after this produce, I’m sure it tastes better this way.

You’ll find fish, and shellfish on every one of our menus, during the day, a bar menu, and our restaurant menu too. The queen of menus, if you’re a seafood lover is one of our famous Seafood Buffets; we keep it simple, fresh and well cooked and plenty to go round!

We are delighted to take private bookings for groups wanting a seafood meal, and always welcome bookings for our restaurant, please call us on 01852 300 022 for any information.

For dates of our seafood buffets please visit our Facebook page, or call us.


Unique Jam

One of our most popular jams is Rhubarb, Vanilla and Seabuckthorn. There are many reasons for this:

Its unique combination of ingredients

Its appetising colour

It has a fresh but sweet taste

It’s won a great taste award

Easdale: a slate island, on the edge of Scotland, surrounded by the wild Atlantic ocean. Perhaps not the place you would associate with fertile ground that fruit or vegetables would flourish in! However rhubarb is one of the hardy fruits that love growing on our island. Although we don’t yet grow enough for ever jar, a vast quantity of the rhubarb we use is grown on Easdale Island.

Seabuckthorn’s have one of the sourest flavours you can imagine, a bright orange berry, produced into a juice that we use within the recipe.  It’s becoming a popular flavour in cooking and preserving, another great Scottish foraged product.

We recommend serving this jam with fresh pastries, or spice a scone and cream up by using this jam instead of strawberry – you never know you might prefer it!

Find it for sale HERE

Oban Food Assembly

We are delighted to be part of Oban’s Food Assembly, a great initiative that allows you to purchase some of the freshest and best quality local produce all in one place. An online farmers market if you like! There are over 50 products to choose from, and they, on average have only travelled 10 miles to get to you!

Each week you can place an online order, pay in advance and then pop into town on a Thursday and collect your wonderful produce. You’ve got complete piece of mind in the quality of your products and you’ll be able to meet the makers at the collection too.

What can be simpler? Join here https://thefoodassembly.com/en/assemblies/9358

The best news is we can vouch for the contributors too as we use a lot of this produce in the tearoom, and restaurant! So not only is it a perfect way of getting hold of some of our award winning preserves, its a great way to try some superior products in your own home.

There are only  10 of these assemblies in Scotland, so we are so lucky to have one in Oban, it is such a great way to find out about the passionate people who love making food and sharing it with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over, register, and order now! See you next week when you collect your goodies!

Three, or More Courses With Us

We are proud to offer a great restaurant menu full of local produce, imaginative well presented dishes, all served in our stylish restaurant. A space which is transformed from a tearoom in the day to a relaxing space for a great dining experience.

Our menu changes regularly, and we always showcase seafood on our specials board. The dishes are seasonal, featuring locally produced meats, vegetables, foraged foods and always a thoughtful vegetarian option. (vegan also available) A cheese board can be ordered along with deserts or additionally, and enjoys our favourite Scottish cheeses, with our homemade, award winning Red Onion Marmalade, or Parsnip Piccalilli.

Our small wine list has been selected to pair with the menus we create, and of course the bar is full of local ales, gins, whisky and more! We have fresh ground coffee, that has been roasted in Argyll, and can serve you one of our delicious Hebridean Coffees, featuring a shot of locally made whisky liqueur.

Our Restaurant is small, and popular so please do make a reservation before you join us for dinner, all bookings are subject to a deposit. Please call us on 01852 300022 to reserve your table now.

Fish and Chip Wednesday

Every Wednesday is Fish and Chip Night in The Puffer Bar. Delicious freshly battered fish, hand cut chips served with crushed peas and homemade tartar sauce – what more could you want for a midweek supper?

You can enjoy fish and chips with us or as a takeaway, please do let us know you’re coming by booking (01852 300 022)

Here is a recent testimonial from a local friend, who bought his whole family along to enjoy a perfect evening of food and fun in The Puffer. We love getting feedback from you all!


Big shout out to The Puffer Bar Tearoom and chef Des Ballantyne for a fab “ fish & chip supper” Thanks guys x




Meet Lydia

We’ve employed some lovely new staff this year, and thought it best to introduce them to you. Lydia is from Swindon, Wiltshire, but for the last 3 years she’s been living in Lincolnshire and North Wales.  “Lincolnshire is very flat compared to Wiltshire and Wales!” Lydia has just graduated with a degree in Illustration, and will be spending the Summer of 2018 with us on Easdale.

We asked her some of the most important questions:

  • Favourite Colour? my favourite colour is purple
  • Favourite Drink? it’s probably a nice beer like Dragon Stout or ginger beer for a none alcoholic option
  • Favourite Food? Tough one! I love jacket potatoes, but it’s probably a jalapeno and pineapple pizza
  • Favourite Animal? I love so many animals! Dogs are great, so are tapirs and the platypus!
  • Dream job? to draw animals for money!
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: laid-back, hungry, clumsy


REBO Final

The puffer hosted the final of the REBO challenge last week, and a worthy winner was crowned Easdale’s best baker.  Three out of four of our top bakers were able to enter into the final, and we were blown away by the creations. The stakes were high, as the number of points available had doubled, and the expectations had been set throughout the competition.  

First to be judged was an Afternoon Tea Cake – this cake had so many elements within it from a variety of different sponges to bread and was topped with the technical element choux in the form of chocolate éclairs and orange curd cream éclairs. Scoring a 10/10 for both texture and flavour the bar had been set.


Next to be judged was High Tea at High Tide, this time a savour choux entry, which was a massive hit for Judge Des, the smoked salmon topped choux with wild garlic and sea herb cream cheese was this highlight of this entry. Also included in the high tea were Clotted Cream Scones, and Cranachan Shortbread Sandwiches. Presented well on Easdale Slate this baker scored highly for appearance.


The final entrant, presented a Black Forest Cock Cake, the clue is in the name, our naughtiest contestant had provided us with a laugh, strategically shaped and placed choux éclairs, sat atop a chocolate and cherry sponge, covered in a light cream. It had to be 10/10 for appearance!


You may have guessed the Afternoon Tea Cake was our winner, congratulations to Caroline, who wowed us from the very beginning, each week creating delicious, creative bakes. The show stopping cake left the judges silenced (a mean feat for Davey Cakes!) Runner up was Sue, who we awarded an extra point for smut, and Duncan in a well deserved 3rd place.

Let us not forget this was all for charity, we have raised £48 for Argyll Animal Aid, which is being matched by both Keren at The Puffer and Dave Gilroy, making a total of £144 raised for the charity. We have had a great time hosting the event, and would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who entered, especially our top 4, Caroline, Sue, Duncan and Calum who gave us great bakes in each category. A Special thank you for Dave for being our guest judge, and always giving an honest opinion! 



  Innovation Texture Flavour Appearance Bonus Total
Caroline 8 10 10 8 1 37
Sue 9 7 7 10 1 (for smut) 34
Duncan 7 6 6 8   27

REBO Round 5 – Bread

This challenge was our bakers last change to impress the judges, and impress the judges they did! A high scoring week for everyone who entered, but the winner was Caroline with an impressive 19.5 out of 20! She received bread week’s bonus point. The judges described Caroline’s bread as “mmmmmmmm” and “a nice crust…it looks braw”. Dave couldn’t get enough of the bread, and wanted to eat more and more!

Calum baked a delicious wholemeal loaf – wholemeal flour can be notoriously difficult to bake with, and our judges were highly impressed with the entry, confirming it looked good, with an even crumb just needing a tiny bit more salt.

Sue’s foccacia scored highly on appearance, and smelt amazing, a couple of technical faults left her with 14/20, but great feedback overall.


Entrant Appearance Flavour Texture Innovation Bonus Total
Caroline 5 5 4 4.5 1 19.5
Calum 3.5 4.5 3.5 4   15.5
Sue 3 3 4 4   14


This was the last week of the rounds, and next moth The Puffer will host the final of The Ridiculous Easdale Bake Off. There are 4 spaces in the final, and the competitor’s top 4 scores will be accumulated to determine their place in the final. The finalists are:

Entrant Round One Round two Round Three Round four Round Five Running Total
Caroline 18 18.5 17   19.5 73
Sue   19.5 16.5 12 14 62
Calum 13 13 16.5 0 15.5 58
Duncan 8 12 10.5 6 0 36.5


The final date is 25th of March, competitors will be notified individually of the challenge which will be an amalgamation of a technical challenge and a show stopper. We will specify which technical baking challenge has to be included, but expect the bakers to show off their skills using as many techniques as they can to create one show stopping bake.

Interesting Facts:

Caroline has one the most bonus points

Duncan and Caroline’s top area scores are in appearance

Sue and Callum’s top area scores are in Flavour

Sue has been the most consistent scorer – floating between 17 and 18.5 out of 20

Round 2 – Cake saw the highest scores